Join us as we learn together how to take all the discarded, left-overs, everyday muck of life in the suburbs and make something good and beautiful out of it.

As we find ourselves settling down in the suburbs, we’ve been a little leery of some of the pressures of suburbia — like to shower regularly, wear matching clothes, and have a nice big house with a big screen TV.  On the other hand, there is a lot we’ve come to appreciate about suburban life.  Our goal is to embrace what is good about the suburbs — but also find ways to live differently.

What we love about the suburbs:

  • Plentiful parks and running paths
  • Safety
  • Diversity (Oh, you didn’t think the suburbs were diverse?)
  • Proximity to cities
  • Living near extended family

Here’s what we’re trying to do:

  • Be content rather than striving for new, better, or more
  • “Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without”
  • Love God by loving others
  • Learn from other cultures

Suburban Compost Contributors:


Katie Galli Holden and Micah Holden live in the Chicago suburbs with their daughter. Her writing has appeared in Christianity Today and Discipleship Journal. Micah is a nurse at Central DuPage Hospital and a dumpster diving addict.


Jessica Rozga-DeBoni and Jake DeBoni live in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, MI with their two daughters and rabbit, Olivia.  Jessica works diligently at preserving food throughout the year, tending gardens, changing many cloth diapers and making massive batches of granola each week.  She also can be found volunteering with Family Promise and Sisters in Support. Jake works as an RN with a community hospital.

Questions? Email us at thissuburbanlife@gmail.com


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  1. Oh Katie! So happy to find this…through a random google search about composting and Chicago… Looking forward!

    Much love, Dar

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