Composting isn’t just for food {12 months of restoring & repurposing}

After spending many months writing nothing (except for the occasional email), the little wheels in my head have begun churning again. This is thanks in part to starting a new season of life as a stay-at-home mama – now Ruby’s nap times can be spent doing something other than working.

Part of the reason I gave up writing for a while is that I’ve been overwhelmed by the internet lately. There is So Much Information. There are so many opinions and blogs and websites. I have pretty good self esteem, but I still find myself wondering, Really, what do I have that is unique to contribute? I mean, there are my family and friends, who might graciously read something I wrote just because I wrote it. But beyond that, most things I want to say have probably already been said, right?

The one area that I can’t seem to find enough to satiate my searching, though, is tutorials about restoring and repurposing. Yes, there are tons of these out there. But when I’m working on a specific project, sometimes I can’t find quite what I’m looking for.

This happens to coincide with my current desire to make some sense of the projects-waiting-to-be-done clutter in our house and garage. We have this thing where we hate seeing items get tossed. Our constant refrain is “Who would throw THIS away?” (See below Portlandia clip, one of our all time favorites)

As we pass something sitting on the curb and say “Oh WOW! This only needs a little work and it will be perfectly good again!” And then we take it and put it in our garage. And then one day, we wake up and our garage looks like this:


The worst part is, this is just one corner of our garage.

I mean, look at some of these gems!

Too cute step-stool and chair!

Too cute step-stool and chair!

Vintage wooden rocking horse! And underneath - Project 1: Drop leaf table

Vintage wooden rocking horse! And underneath – Project 1: Drop leaf table

I know some of you are probably shuddering as you see the state of our garage (Aunt Kathy, if you’re reading, I’m thinking of you!)

So in an effort to whip my butt into gear, I’m turning to the anonymity of the internet, to make fake deadlines for myself. Hey, I’m optimistic it will work! All that to say, I’m setting off to tackle at least one “composting” project each month that will involve restoring or repurposing something.

I may write the occasional blog posts on other topics, as well, but no promises.

Happy 2014!

What are some of your favorite restored or repurposed projects? (Either completed or not) I’d love to see pictures or links for inspiration!


One thought on “Composting isn’t just for food {12 months of restoring & repurposing}

  1. You sound like me – Who would throw that away? I work, so you need to be strong for me and do the work and I will follow the tutes. Fair enough? Thanks for being here – still.

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