Pope Francis, using jam, Victorian breastfeeding moms, and more {10 Things We’re Digging This Week}

Jessica’s 5:

To begin with, I’m not Catholic.

I have a  smidgen of a fraction of a relationship with the Catholic Church and let’s just say, it hasn’t always been positive.

Since Pope Francis has taken the stage though, I have been ever so slowly falling head over heels for him.

There’s just something about  the way he approaches others.  The way he gently communicates on quite taboo topics.  The message he continues to preach and live.  His consistency to the message of God’s love.


Here are some articles/new segments regarding the Pope that have caught my eyes and ears, persuading my love:

1.  Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics

2.  Pope Francis Puts The Poor Front And Center

3.  Pope Francis Never Wanted To Be Pope, Jokes He Is Living In Vatican Hotel For ‘Psychiatric’ Reasons

4.  Pope: Don’t give into hypocrisy. Instead, speak the truth with love (Really, take time to listen.  It’s worth the three and a half minutes.)

And a not-so-Pope link?

5.  Strawberries are coming into season and the need to clear out our root cellar of last years goodies is pressing.  Here are 12 homemade ways to use jam that just may help a bit in the bind.

Katie’s 5:

1. One more about the pope: Pope Francis: Wasting Food is like Stealing from the Poor

2. Which led me to the website of the UN’s new anti food-waste initiative Think.Eat.Save

3. Which has a fascinating page on traditional and indigenous ways of preserving food.

4. And a whole page on how to regrow veggies and fruits from food scraps.

5. And unrelated: loved these Victorian era photos of mamas breastfeeding!


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