Fabric Photo Book for Baby {Tutorial round-up}

I had been looking for a 1st birthday project for my nephew to upcycle some old jeans and use some fabric scraps, and while I love cloth quiet books, I didn’t have quite that much creative energy. Then I discovered printable cotton. While my ideal projects are those that don’t require a trip to the fabric store, I made an exception for this one (If it’s Jo-Aan Fabrics don’t forget to bring a 40% off coupon!)





I sew like I cook — which means I start with one idea (or recipe), substitute, adapt, and then come out with something I am reasonably satisfied with. Then I think to myself “If I ever make this again…” but then I don’t ever make it again. This time, though, it may be different. Ruby needs one for her first birthday, I think!

Here are some tutorials that inspired me:

Click on the photos to link to the page!


This one seemed to have the most information on a photo book tutorial– and also includes a pocket on the front with a little doll – adorable! I used her instructions for binding the book — stitching straight down the middle.



This photo book uses clear vinyl to protect pictures that you can replace.


Another tutorial -- this one uses rivets for binding the book.

Another tutorial — this one uses rivets for binding the book.



This is not a photo photo book, but I found her detailed instructions on laying out the book to be the most helpful. I was originally going to use her technique to fray the edges, too, but then decided to serge them instead. I also decided to go with her technique of not having some sort of flap to secure the book closed. One extra step I could do without!



Some more inspiration from Soulemama, not a tutorial, but great for ideas.


My original inspiration from was youandmie.

More inspiration from youandmie


11 thoughts on “Fabric Photo Book for Baby {Tutorial round-up}

      • Thanks for your question about the photo books. I haven’t yet taken an order for one, but have considered trying it out to see how it goes.

        I would price it as follows:

        For a book with 6 inside pages, one photo on each page – $40
        (A “photo” could be a photo collage if you provided this image, if you see the pictures of the book I made, I did some pages like this)

        For a book with 10 inside pages, one photo on each page – $65

        On the front/back cover, I could do either a large initial (like I showed), a photo, or printed text.

        Shipping would be $5.

  1. What kind of printable cotton did you use? The link in your post appears to be for something that Joann’s no longer carries. I have tried three different things and they’ve all turned out terribly. The last one I tried turned out ok, but it said to rinse the cotton under water before sewing and once I did that, basically the entire photo had washed away!

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