10 things we’re digging this week

Jessica’s 5:

1.  This week I received a most wonderful belated gift from a dear friend, Jen Gavlin.  This woman.  This woman can mold.  This woman has been molded.  This woman took cancer head-on in her 20 somethings’ and embraces, captures, the beauty of live so vividly in her pottery that it takes the strength of a bionic woman not to snatch up every piece she has ever crafted.  Thank you Jen for a beautiful mug, a large mug. A mug that will remind me with each sip how grateful I am for our friendship.  For you.

2.  Got weeds?  We got you a menu!

3.  This story has continued to remain within me throughout the week –  Advocates Struggle To Reach Growing Ranks Of Suburban Poor.  Seriously?  Take a look for yourself.


4.  Before Jake I never cooked rice, outside of  instant rice in a bag I could count on cooking well by placing it in a rolling boil for 10 minutes.  To cook real rice, I had never even made an attempt.  That man though?  He has a way of swaying me.  A way of making me do things I typically wouldn’t, or never have done.  Making rice one of them.  Now?  Rice is one of the primary staples in our home and I, instant rice in a bag woman, am the one to cook it.  Needless to say, when this popped into my in-box this week, I was fit to be tied with excitement for new recipes, ideas, suggestions – all rice related baby!

5.  This week may have been Little Tomato’s most unsuccessful week ever thanks to this – Optimal Brain Development Requires Being Wrong a Lot.  I can’t tell her enough how wrong she is and watching her little gears roll to figure out an alternative solution or response.  I may keep telling her how wrong she is just for kicks and giggles.

Katie’s 5:

1. I regularly find myself laughing out loud when I read Jen Hatmaker’s blog. Can I be her when I grow up? You may have already seen her most recent post since it has 34,000+ shares on facebook, but if not, get ready to laugh as you read why she’s the “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.”

2. I love what this family did – taking a year of “retirement” earlier in life. For them it meant spending a year on a small Norwegian island. My wheels are already turning on how to do this in our own life.

3. Making cheese is something that I would like to do one day, though that day may not come until I’m retired. Or spending a year of “early” retirement on a dairy farm or something like that. But this recipe for 30 minute fresh mozzarella just may make me believe it’s possible before then…

4. I love the idea of micro-volunteering — where non-profits post challenges online and strangers volunteer virtually. I especially loved it this week when micro-volunteers on Sparked.com helped me analyze a daunting excel spreadsheet for work. Have some extra time to give? Check it out!

5. Since stumbling onto the blog Katesurfs (after she stumbled onto ours), I’ve been enjoying reading! I particularly enjoyed her post on starting to give her little one food – since I love anything that encourages parents to lighten up. As she says, “It’s not fair! If we’re all eating chocolate, can’t the baby have a little bite too?”


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