When being a parent whips your butt and you need a little humor

Around here it has been one of those weeks.

The kind that started with me sobbing to Micah about how hard it is to be a mom. And then the very next day, he came home after a horrible day at work with his own woes.

The kind where my child is crawling all over a floor that is so dirty I am picking pieces of onion skin, dirt, crumbs, etc off her feet. And no, I still haven’t swept yet.

The kind where there was no energy for healthy dinner…so it was frozen pizza…and mooching off family to eat at their house.

This kind:


You get the idea.

This week calls for a little humor.

So I watched this clip from Jim Gaffigan and felt a little better –

And reread this post — one of my all time favorites: (Hard to pick just one quote to give you a taste, but here is one)

When in doubt, ask yourself what a pioneer lady on a wagon train would think is important. Suddenly, organizing baby socks will fall off your to-do list and you’ll feel a lot better about your day.

What do you do when you have one of those weeks?


4 thoughts on “When being a parent whips your butt and you need a little humor

  1. I so had that sommee card thing on my facebook wall the other day! That was my day too! And, the other day, I found my baby eating food from under high chair that had fallen there the day before.. she was all like, ‘dried up pineapple, rock hard pasta,,, sweet!’….

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