10 things we’re digging this week

Katie’s 5:

1. I read Rachel Stone’s review of Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Domesticity with interest…particularly for its critiques of a sub-culture I feel like I’m a part of.

2.  In our house we quote this clip on a weekly, if not daily basis.

3. Hanging my laundry outside to dry. I realize this is normal for many people, but until this week I was just a little too lazy to schlep the laundry downstairs, put up a drying rack on the balcony, hang up clothes, etc. All of a sudden, though, I’m loving it, and loving the slower pace it requires (at least for those 5 minutes until Ruby tries to make a break for the balcony and I have to ward her off with my foot because my hands are full of wet clothes). I also love that the sun really does bleach out our cloth diapers!

4. Micah came home with some Squishy Baff from the dumpster (opened box, unopened packages inside)…and I have dual feelings of “that is the grossest thing I could ever imagine, get that out of the house” and “this is a kid’s dream.” So we’ll put it in the closet and bring it out in 2 years when Ruby can appreciate it and let you know how it goes.

5.  My sister is on TV! Though they’ve been up and running less than 6 months, the Fat Falafel is getting a lot of great press. Eat some falafel with them next time you are in New Orleans.

Jessica’s 5:

1.  There are very few blogs I read.  I subscribe, I skim, I pin, I remember.  The time to sit down and read a post through is often reserved for those few blogs that I glean life from.  Blogs that send me out into my day remembering, feeling rest in response to their simple words.  Clean is one of those blogs.  This past week Rachel posted some killer thoughts on parenting that have stuck with me.  Hoping they stick with you in a most wonderful way as well.

2.  Should we pay people to cook at home? A good piece that looks at the reality of life.  Yes, some people are legitimately too busy to cook.  We’ve all been there at one time or another in our lives.  This article touches upon class differences as well, namely that wealthier working mothers can hire housekeepers to cook home-cooked meals for their families, but what happens to the housekeepers dinners? Who cooks for their families?

3.  Wow.  As a recent convert to a smart phone the entire business of app’s still overwhelms me.  I have, to this day, two weeks in, downloaded two apps.  One to help me locate constellations in the night sky and instagram (which I am still trying to figure out the hype behind.  It still seems like a time sucker to me as opposed to a creative outlet.).  This app though, this may be my #3 – New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart

4.  Because we all need to be a little bit more badass.

5.  I simply cannot stop rewinding in my mind points she makes throughout her post.  The Cry of Tamar continues to challenge my thoughts and assumptions as I not only look to other women but to my little ones who will, all too soon, be women.

P.S.  Big thumbs down in regards to one of my last week’s 5 things.


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