10 things we’re digging this week

Jessica’s 5:

1.  When Jake and I first began dating he was living with his friend Jess.  Little did I know at the time what an impact Jess’s relationship would have in our day to day lives.  A gifted friend, giver, artist, teacher.  Truly, the list could go on and on.  Now?  She has her own on-line store:  Obaa-Yaa!  Don’t think it took me more than 60 seconds to order my first pair of earrings.

2.  I want to be this brave.  This wild.  This unashamed.  This free.

3.  As our garden grows and our little ones begin rediscovering sweet spring berries and dirty greens from our cold frame, this video continues to run through my mind over and over again.  How can I continue to impress the love for the good nourishing foods into our daughters?

4.  You got it!  Community gardens can be anti-crime agents.  (Wanna know a secret?  Two of our neighbors are building raised beds in their front yard this year!  I’m beaming.).

5.  It reads like a novel.  It forced me to confront some lingering doubts and questions of how much is too much and is there such a thing?  Never Let Go.  If you don’t have time to read, take the four minutes and 15 seconds to watch the embedded video.  If you’re able to make it through the first video, please take time to watch the Epilogue. These are parents of strength.   This is a story to behold. 

IMG_1185I’m also totally digging these little muddy footprints all.over.our.home.

Katie’s 5:

1. We have a classic family home video where my younger sister, age almost 3, carves a pumpkin with a giant knife while my mom videotapes and nonchalantly says, “Be careful with that knife, honey!” So I loved reading why parents should let kids use knives and look forward to reading more of the author’s newest book Parenting Without Borders as soon as I can get my hands on it.

2. Steven Colbert on Elimination Communication

3. More encouragement for lazy parents – Scientists say Parents’ Saliva On Pacifiers Could Ward Off Baby’s Allergies

4. Research presented to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists this week found using pitocin has adverse affects on newborns. Just another slew of research to demonstrate that while painful and frustrating because it is out of our control, natural childbirth is best for moms and babies whenever possible.

5. Adoption is (hopefully) somewhere down the road for our family and at this time we think we’re interested in adopting toddlers or preschool age siblings. I’m also currently obsessed with breastfeeding. So I loved reading about why this mom lets her adopted toddlers nurse.


3 thoughts on “10 things we’re digging this week

      • Sort of a side/sidewalk garden… but still very public. The front yard, at least for now, is veggie garden-less. For now.

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