Maple’s Milk {How to tap your maple trees}

Maple’s Milk.

Her season of giving begins once again.

When Ms. Maple & her friends begin showing signs of new life after a long winter of hibernation and rest.

Although not one sugar maple shades our land, their close friend Ms. Silver Maple graces our entire partial West lot with a parade of deep roots, an entire day of shady spots to rest and plenty of, what Little Tomato so affectionately refers to as, Maple’s Milk.IMG_9826IMG_9823
We adore Ms. Maple and her annual gift of sweet nourishing milk.
Her initial transparent appearance only to later uncover her deep golden heart.

We do things simply around here.
Maybe one year we’ll increase our production.
Maybe someday we’ll use buckets & boil down over a wood stove. One day.

Until then we’ll pilfer milk jugs from neighbors every spring, refill our propane tanks and boil down just enough of Maple’s Milk to supply us for a year of drowning pancakes.
Our process requires the bare minimum.
A drilled hole here, a hopeful flame there.
The perfect cool night with a warm sunny morning.
A little bit of tubing and a whole lot of faith in the process.

If you’re interested in knowing more about tapping your maples, please feel free to start here.
IMG_9830 IMG_9831IMG_9832
Until then?
Maybe a walk through your neighborhood, a scavenger hunt for the community maples.
Perhaps a conversation for the next year, a community adventure in creating something together.

Ms. Maple,
Thank you for giving us yet another year of nourishing milk for both body & soul.
We are so grateful.


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